Harlequin and Colombina The story of Harlequin and Colombina (Columbine) originated in Italy in the early 17th century in the Commedia dell'Arte. Colombina's father, Pantaloon, a greedy and foolish merchant of Venice, tries to separate the lovers, and Harlequin, in a black mask, spends most of his time plotting mischief. By the end of the 18th century the play was being performed in London. The sampler depicts Harlequin posturing before his loved one and her dog. The sampler has two rows of alphabet and numerals and two pious verses, a depiction of Adam and Eve under the tree of life, and beautifully executed depictions of a peacock and a pheasant. A fine three storey house is stitched in the lower register beside the main characters. It is very finely stitched with silk on fine linen in cross, freehand and counted satin, split, back, stem and petit point stitches. There is some water staining on the left side and minor losses to the linen ground, but overall in very good condition with excellent color. Unframed 12"x15", with frame 13.75" x 17".

Price: $1895.00