circa 1830, aged 11 years.

Elizabeth Gittens

English sampler enclosed by three four sided borders featuring five rows of alphabets and numerals, and three verses. Stitches used are cross and eyelet. The moralistic verses are:

Learn to cotemn all praise betimes
For flattery is the nurse of crimes
With early virtue plant thy Breast
The specious Arts of vice detest

Virtue is the chiefest beauty of the mind the noblest ornament

Flee sloth the canker of good sense and Parts
of Health of Wealth of Honour and of Arts
Those that court Fame must not their senses please
Her chariot lags when drawn by sloth and Ease

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy
Youth while the evil days come not nor the years

Good color and condition, unframed, 13" x 13".