German Sampler - 1802

This sampler is stitched with an incredible set of traditional motifs, as I've never seen before on one single piece of needlework. The detail is spectacular. Below six rows of alphabets and numerals, including a row of Roman numerals, there are figures of biblical characters, inscriptions, crowns, and many beautifully and finely executed symbolic motifs including the lamb of God, St. Peter with the key to heaven, the crucifixion, Moses and the burning bush, Adam and Eve, and the spies of Canaan. Wonderful spot motifs include a wild lion, leaping stags, a windmill, a sailing shop, a squirrel, an owl, a chair, a rooster, a goose and goslings, a lobster/crayfish, all important and meaningful symbols found in German needlework. While the sampler is faded and has suffered some damage to the lower border, it is in good condition overall. The sampler itself measures 11" x 17-1/2", the overall size with the frame is 19" x 26".