Caroline Phillis Critchell

Unframed English sampler stitched with silk on very fine linen. Paired cherubs flank the tree in the upper register, followed by a pious verse, and the attribution with potted flowers and trees. There is a four sided floral border. Stitches used are cross , eyelet and petit point.z

The verse is:

Heaven's choice is safer than our own,
Of ages past inquire.
What the must formidable fate?
To have our own desire.
If ceaseless thus the fowls of heaven he feeds,
If over the fields such lucid robes he spreads;
Will he not care for you ye faithless say?
Is he unwise? or are ye less than they?


The color is very good, the condition has some losses, mostly in the upper right corner. It has been conserved and properly mounted. 17" x 13-1/2"