Sarah Brown

This English sampler is a memorial to her deceased brother. It is framed in an old- possibly original- mahogany frame with gilt slip and glass. The sampler is stitched with silk on linen, entirely in cross stitch. It is packed with motifs including a cathedral a lion, stars, birds, fruit baskets, fir trees, hearts, a crown, flowers, insects, acorns and potted flowering plants including a bold and beautiful four sided undulating floral border. The verses read as follows:
With Humble Heart And Tongue my God to thee I Pray O Make me Learn Whilst I Am Young how I May cleanse my Way
NOW in my Early Days Teach me Thy will to Know O God Thy sanctifying Grace Betimes on me Bestow

It is signed and dated "Sarah Brown Made This sampler To the memory of Joseph Brown Her Brother Finished in The _____ Year of her Age sept. 21, 1834."
The condition is very good, with just a few patchy stains, minor stitch loss to parts of the border, a few motifs and the signature. The colors are all strong with no noticeable fading, the silks bright and glossy. 20.5" x 12.5".


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