Mary Broughton

English sampler featuring Adam and Eve under the Tree of Life flanked by flying cherubs. The scene beneath shows a shepherd and shepherdess with an enormous butterfly, and an enormously woolly sheep. To their sides are a windmill, dogs, a lion, birds, and potted flowers. The horizontal pattern band above them displays some very unusual floral patterns. The four sided border is most unusual, consisting of stylized leaves in a variety of colors. The verse is:

Tis not in Grandeur peace of mind to give
Nor are those happiest who in Splendor live
Content alone those Blessings can bestow
Which teach the mind with heartfelt Joy to glow

The unframed samplers appears to have been conservation mounted. The color is very good, but there are some losses along the right border, and spots of loss throughout, but they don't affect the design. Stitches used are cross, stem and satin. 17" x 13"