Ann Brightmore 1846

Ann Brightmore

This is a large English sampler stitched with silk and wool on a linen canvas consisting of an elaborate four sided naturalistic floral border surrounding a verse and various plant and animal motifs, over a large building ("Solomon's Temple") flanked by an elegantly dressed gentleman on the left and a large pink lady holding a bouquet of flowers on the right. Above them are two large stags, birds in boughs, flowers in baskets, hearts and stars. The verse is flanked by trumpeting angels and lambs and reads:

Dear Saviour oh what ails this heart..... Sure tis of stone it cannot smart Mor..... Yet relent the death of the Whose..... death alone could ransom me Can I..... behold thy pains so great thy dying..... sighs thy bloody sweat canst thou..... Pour forth such streams for me and..... I not drop one tear for thee.....

Measuring 19-1/2" 24", the sampler is in good condition with some fading, one vertical stain near the stag on the left, a few small holes to the linen ground. Stitches used include cross, counted satin and stem.