Rachel Briault

A rare bi-lingual Huguenot sampler featuring two full length figures and verse. The female figure on the right appears to be using a drop spindle. Both figures have stylized clouds above them. Rachel Briault was born on May 26, 1760 and baptized the following month at La Patente French Huguenot Church, Spitalfields. She w‚Äčas the daughter of Louis Briault (1722-1795) and his wife Jeanne (nee Poupard). Rachel married Alexander Frederick Schell on October 5, 1793, at Christchurch with St. Mary and St. Stephen, Spitalfields. Their daughter, Louisa Schell, was baptized on October 13, 1799, at the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great. It is astonishing that she completed this when she was only eight years old.

While the sampler has numerous losses to the ground, it is now conservation mounted and in a new faux tortoiseshell frame. Stitches used are primarily cross, with some tent, back and stem stitched highlights. The sampler itself measures 18" x 16", with the frame 19" x 21".