Hannah Brassington 1779

Hannah Brassington

English sampler, framed in an antique wood frame with gilt slip and glass, mounted to conservator standards on acid free board with sealed chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on a linen ground in primarily in cross (gros and petit point) and satin stitches. The arcaded meandering floral border surrounds two sections, the first featuring a spotted leopard, the lower scene centering a verse flanked by birds and stags. The verses are:

Love god above
all Things
above and as thy
self thy neighbor

It is signed and dated "Hannah Brassington Her Sampler Work'd in the Eleventh Year Of Her Age april The Tenth 1779." The date is difficult to make out, but still apparent. The condition is generally very good. There are a number of small holes and patchy stains, with some stitch losses to the lettering. The color is good and strong, with minimal fading. 17" x 12-1/4"


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