Elizabeth Bond

This English sampler is full of quirky, adorable touches. Across the top a garland of flowers and tassels is held aloft by two winged cherubs, with a bodiless cherubic head in the center. A bucolic scene occupies the lower half of the sampler depicting a shepherdess with two sheep, sitting beneath an intricately executed tree and a charming cottage. On the left side, white swans glide through a pond, all enclosed by a four sided honeysuckle border. The verse reads:

Virtue soft balm of every woe
Of every Grief the cure
Tis thou alone that canst bestow
Pleasures unmixt and pure
The shady wood the verdant mead
Are virtues flowery road
Nor painful are the steps that lead
To her divine abode.

Stitches used are cross, satin, eyelet,and stem. The tree (both trunk and canopy) is stitched with silk chenille. The sampler is in very good condition, and measures 15" x 11-1/2"